A gift from my family to yours on this Independence Day

The Independence Day of America

With this Independence Day, we wanted to share some of the best American-themed images from our site. This collection is a small sample of the millions of professional photos and illustrations available on Shutterstock, featuring everything from icons like Liberty and Uncle Sam to more subtle expressions of patriotism like the American flag and bald eagle. Enjoy!

Independence Day 4th of July Liberty of Death American Patriot

In the history of world wars, the American Revolution was one of the most significant conflicts. On July 4, 1776, independence from Britain was declared. And now we celebrate this day every year as Independence Day in the United States and other countries across the globe. The flag that you see today is common throughout America and many nations around the world use similar flags with blue field representing loyalty, white stripes representing purity and red symbolizing courage. This day is also known as ‘Fourth of July’ or ‘Fourth’.

Bulldog 4th of July Happy Independence Day

Independence Day is a federal holiday in the United States. It’s observed on July 4, commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on that date in 1776. The Continental Congress adopted it two days later, adopting future President John Adams’ motion to declare independence from Great Britain. The day was thus chosen as a symbol of national unity.

Veteran Dad My Favorite People Call Me Papa

With a fine attention to detail and an eye for the quintessential, American art is what it means to be an American artist.

Veteran Dad My Favorite People Call Me Papa is a new collection of artwork by veteran artist Dan Leal that celebrates our nation’s independence. The collection is composed of three different prints: Veteran Dad in the US Army, Veteran Dad in the Marine Corps and Veteran Dad in the Navy. Each print includes a unique hand-drawn border featuring stars and stripes that are then printed on lustre paper using eco-friendly soy ink for long-lasting color saturation.

Bullmastiff Dog 4th Of July Flag Happy Independence Day

The American flag is a symbol of freedom and patriotism. It’s also a symbol of unity, as it was adopted from many flags that preceded it. The current version of the flag consists of thirteen alternating red and white stripes with a blue rectangle in upper corner containing 50 stars for each state of America. Although you may have seen this flag flying all over the place on your last trip to the US, you may not realize that there are actually many other great things about our national flag!

So many people in the past have fought and died for this country’s freedom. It is important to remember them all as well as those who are currently fighting for our liberty. July 4th should be a day of celebration and remembrance, not an excuse to drink beer or eat hot dogs. We need more leaders like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson who had strong beliefs about independence from British rule while also recognizing that they were not perfect men by any means.

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